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Eyecare Kids Is Finalist for AusMumpreneur 2019!

Eyecare Kids is delighted to be one of the Finalists for AusMumpreneur 2019! AusMumpreneur is Australia’s number 1 community for “mumpreneurs,” or mums in business. They regularly host dedicated events, programs and awards for mums in business designed to support, empower and celebrate the amazing mumpreneurs of Australia. The mumpreneur behind Eyecare Kids is Dr SooJin Nam, optometrist and mother of two active boys—Max (age 11) and Jake (age 8). As an optometrist who focuses on children’s vision (voted Sydney’s top 3), SooJin understands the need for a comprehensive eye test in kids to assess for visual skills such as…
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How Frequent Are Visual Deficits in Kids with Developmental Dyslexia?

Developmental dyslexia is a specific learning disability of neurobiological origin, or pertaining to the anatomy, physiology and biochemistry of the nervous system. It is a deficient literacy acquisition despite adequate intellectual ability and sufficient educational exposure. Developmental dyslexia’s core cognitive deficit is widely believed to involve language (phonological) processing. This means people with dyslexia does not have trouble seeing language, but with manipulating it. The common perception in people with dyslexia is they see letters or words in reverse, like “b” as “d” or “saw” as “was.” The truth is people with dyslexia see things the same way as everyone…
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ReadAlyzer Tracks Eye Movements to Capture Reading Difficulties in Children

When we read, our eyes move in a coordinated fashion. This is called eye tracking. Eye movements are a combination of short, rapid movements (saccades) and short stops (fixations). Our central vision processes what we see in clear detail, while our peripheral vision locates surrounding text to let us know where to aim our eyes next.  Sometimes, however, the eyes do not track well. This may cause reading difficulties. This is when the ReadAlyzer can help. The ReadAlyzer is an Eye Movement Recording System with automatic analysis and evaluation of eye movements while reading. This device is normally used after…
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17 Warning Signs Your Child May Have a Vision Problem

Most kids don’t realise if they have a vision problem. This is why many childhood vision problems remain undiagnosed until the child gets a comprehensive eye test. By then, these visual problems may have already caused serious setbacks affecting how a child learns information in school—especially because 80% of what a child learns, they learn through vision. Don’t miss these 17 warning signs that tell you your child may have a vision problem: 1. Sitting too close to the TV. Myopia or short-sightedness could be the reason why your child prefers to sit close to the TV. 2. Experiencing frequent headaches.…
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NSW Parents Can Claim $100 Rebate per Child. Here’s How.

Wonderful news for all NSW parents! Starting 1 January 2019 you can have access to $100 voucher for every school-enrolled child. Use your voucher towards registration, participation and membership costs for their sport, fitness and active recreation activities. This program by the NSW Government Office of Sport encourages parents to let their kids explore different extracurricular activities like sport and art which help promote stronger families and healthier communities. This program called Active Kids runs through 2021, which means parents can make use of this benefit every year for 3 years. Letting your child engage in recreation activities pulls them…
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