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Max the Magician

Max the Magician is a born inventor. He loves to create new things, like magical 3-D glasses! He also loves to paint optical illusions to trick his friends. But when Max reads, he gets tired easily or finds that the words move across the page. Max has an eye teaming and focusing problem. Find out what we can do for Max!

Danny the Dragon

Danny the Dragon is a happy purple dragon with a bright smile! He loves to play and goof around with his friends. But Danny has an eye turn and hopes his eyes were straight. Danny also wishes he can see 3-D pictures. Find out what we can do for Danny!

Percy the Penguin

Percy the Penguin is a fluffy penguin with a cute waddle when he skates. His friends always laugh when Percy makes funny jokes. Percy has a lazy eye and needs to wear an eye patch, but he loves looking like a pirate! Arrr! Find out what we can do for Percy!

Bella the Bear

Bella the Bear is a fuzzy brown bear who loves to care for her friends, and they love her too—especially when she bakes them yummy cupcakes and cookies! Bella the Bear is shortsighted and needs to put her face close to the cupcakes while she decorates them. Find out what we can do for Bella!

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