When a child has amblyopia (lazy eye) patching is part of the treatment. With young children, patching can be a challenge.

We have a range of patches of all colours, styles and sizes. Unique prints and playful designs help to encourage your child to wear their eye patch.

Eye Patch Options

Kay’s Fun Patches

These patches are washable, reusable and cost effective. They attach easily onto any pair of glasses. and specially specially designed to stop little eyes from peeking over frames. They are comfortable, lightweight and come in a rang of funky colours and prints.


These adhesive pads, are hypo-allergenic and latex-free, and stick on to completely cover the eye being patched and block out any light. They come in a variety of sizes for children of different ages and various prints and colours to appeal to boys and girls.

Tips for Successful Patching

  • Develop a daily routine of patching
  • Distracting them by allowing them to do an activity when they are patching
  • Create a rewards poster to encourage your child when he/she is compliant with patching

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