Eyecare Kids Is Finalist for AusMumpreneur 2019!

Eyecare Kids is delighted to be one of the Finalists for AusMumpreneur 2019!

AusMumpreneur is Australia’s number 1 community for “mumpreneurs,” or mums in business. They regularly host dedicated events, programs and awards for mums in business designed to support, empower and celebrate the amazing mumpreneurs of Australia.

The mumpreneur behind Eyecare Kids is Dr SooJin Nam, optometrist and mother of two active boys—Max (age 11) and Jake (age 8).

As an optometrist who focuses on children’s vision (voted Sydney’s top 3), SooJin understands the need for a comprehensive eye test in kids to assess for visual skills such as focusing, teaming and tracking, which affect a child’s ability to learn.

As a parent, she knows how challenging it can be to take the kids to a health appointment. This is how Eyecare Kids came to be.

“Being told that your child has poor vision and selecting their first pair of spectacles can be a daunting experience. Eyecare Kids was designed to make your child’s trip to the optometrist as fun as possible for the kids and as stress-free as possible for you whilst ensuring that all their eye care needs are met.”

Eyecare Kids Optometrist and Founder, Dr SooJin Nam

Eyecare Kids Optometrist and Founder, Dr SooJin Nam, aims to make eye tests as fun and educational as possible for kids and as stress-free as possible for parents.

Eyecare Kids optometrists understand the impact vision has on learning. They are committed to detect and provide support for childhood vision problems before they affect your child’s ability to learn and cause further problems down the road.

“All of our services are designed to help children with vision difficulties. These include but are not limited to students complaining of uncomfortable eyes from conditions such as convergence insufficiency, dry eyes,  strabismus and amblyopia. We provide additional tests and management options for students with myopia such as orthokeratology. We also have a huge range of kids frames which includes tiny little baby frames,” states SooJin.

Dr SooJin Nam with her sons Jake and Max

SooJin is on the Board of Directors for Eyecare Plus, a Councillor for Optometry Australia NSW/ACT and is the founder and part-owner of 6 optometry practices in Sydney. She is also mum to Jake (now age 8) and Max (now age 11).

The AusMumpreneur Finalist award is another achievement for Eyecare Kids, who also won as finalist for the Bayside Business Awards in 2018.

Dr SooJin Nam states,  “We are really pleased to see our little beloved brand, Eyecare Kids, recognised. We are only as good as our team, who works very hard to ensure we are up to date with the latest in children’s vision services and optical products.” 

SooJin also congratulates the other incredible Australian mums in business. “This is for all the mums and guardians who work hard as a mumpreneur! You are all amazing and no, it’s not easy, but yes, we are all in it together!”

Eyecare Kids optometric services are available in Sydney at 6 convenient locations: Bankstown, Broadway, Chullora, Hillsdale, Kareela and Roselands.