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“Which myopia control treatment is best for my child?

Let us find out for you.

After a comprehensive evaluation, we’ll ask about your child’s lifestyle, consider all factors that contributed to your child’s myopia and tailor a suitable treatment plan.

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Below are myopia control treatment options that show promise in controlling myopia and have benefited many of our patients through the years. We may prescribe one or a combination of these treatments for your child:

Ortho-K or Orthokeratology

Ortho-K is a revolutionary treatment that safely and comfortably corrects your child’s vision whilst they sleep. It consists of a contact lens that gently reshapes the front of the eye. The Ortho-K is worn nightly to correct for day-time vision. This way, your child will have no need for spectacles or contact lenses during the day! This is a great option for many children, especially active children who play sport or don’t enjoy wearing spectacles. Learn more about ortho-k »

Multifocal Soft Contact Lenses

A multifocal soft contact lens is a single lens that provides a range of powers in the same lens. In doing so, the eye focuses through different powers depending on how close or far they are looking. These are offered as daily or monthly disposable contact lenses. It is a great alternative to regular contact lenses as they offer myopia control. Learn more about multifocal soft contact lenses »

Progressive/Bifocal Lens Spectacles (with reading power)

This is a similar principle to the multifocal soft contact lenses but in spectacle form. It provides a range of powers in the same lens. In doing so, the eye focuses through different powers depending on how close or far they are looking in a natural way. When you are doing distance tasks like watching television, you will look through the top part of the lens. When you are doing near tasks like reading, you will look through the bottom part of the lens. Learn more about progressives/bifocal lense spectacles »

Low-Dose Atropine Eye Drops

Atropine is a drug that dates back centuries. In fact, Cleopatra was purported to use the drop to dilate her eyes as it was considered beautiful then. In higher doses (>1%), atropine will cause blurry near vision and dilated pupils. However, in its low-strength version (0.01%), the side effects are virtually non-existent. Learn more about low-dose atropine »

Special Design Spectacle Lenses (Myovision)

These are special spectacle lenses that work through a technique called “Peripheral Vision Management.” It corrects for sharp central vision and moves the peripheral image in front of the retina. Research shows that this effectively sends a signal to the eye to slow it from growing longer (myopia). The field of special design spectacle lenses is constantly evolving with better and better technologies which may help slow myopia even more. Learn more about special design spectacle lenses »

There are no guarantees that any specific treatment will work for an individual person, but treatments are usually more beneficial when started early.

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