The Eye Movement Recording System

The ReadAlyzer is an Eye Movement Recording System with automatic analysis and evaluation of eye movements while reading. This device is normally used after we have detected some form of ocular movement dysfunction.

The Recording

A ReadAlyzer analysis is relatively straight forward and isn’t time consuming. The special goggles are placed over your eyes like a normal pair of spectacles which have a unique camera that allows us to record and track how the eyes move. While they are on and recording, you will be reading an age or developmentally appropriate passage. 

The device will do an evaluation and show us your reading speed and your answers to questions about the text you have read to also assess your comprehension to determine whether the poor eye movements we have found are contributing to your reading difficulties.

Signs of Poor Eye Control

  • Skipping words when reading
  • Using finger or ruler to keep your place while reading
  • Skip over entire lines in a text
  • Lose place while copying from the board
  • Re-read a sentence a few times before understanding

The Readalyser is currently available only at our Hillsdale and Chullora practices!

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