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We have compiled a list for you of some popular children’s books you can enjoy reading to your child about vision and glasses. Wearing glasses for the first time as a child can be a life changing event, so reading stories about similar vision conditions and glasses can give the child a sense of connection to the characters and enjoyment. Also, if you have an older child, don’t forget to point out that Harry Potter wears glasses!  

The Patch

Author: Justina Chen Heddley

The kids at school want to know why Becca is wearing glasses and a patch. Instead of telling them she has amblyopia, Becca leads her friends on imaginative adventures to explain her new fashion accessory. Mitch Vane’s illustrations capture the spunky exuberance of this resourceful heroine.

Little Kim’s Left & Right Book

Author: Charles McMonnies

Teaches left/right body awareness to very young or special needs children as a preparation for learning to read. The illustrations also focus on other contrasts such as day/night, bright/dull and heavy/light.

The Turtle Who Needed Glasses

Author: Ben Patt

A young turtle learns the value of seeing clearly–even if it means wearing glasses–when he is kidnapped by a little boy who sneaks up on him.

I Wish I Had Glasses Like Rosa

Author: Kathryn Heling and Debroh Hembrook

How far will girls go to be like their best friend? Rosa and Abby grow to appreciate their own uniqueness. Two boys books and two girls books in this I Wish series.

Fancy Nancy: Spectacular Spectacles

Author: Jane O’Connor

Nancy thinks that Bree’s new glasses are simply spectacular. After all, they are lavender. They are glittery. And best of all, they come in a silver case. So when Bree tells Nancy all about her trip to the eye doctor, Nancy can’t help but wonder if her own eyesight is perhaps getting a little blurry too. . . .With a glossary of Fancy Nancy’s Fancy Words in the back, this addition to the Fancy Nancy I Can Read series is sure to delight young readers everywhere!

Princess Peepers

Author: Pam Galvert

Princess Peepers loves wearing her glasses—until the other princesses at school make fun of her. What can Princess Peepers do? Take off her glasses! But that leads the princess into all kinds of trouble.  Can she prove she doesn’t need her glasses and get to the ball in time to dance with the prince? Find out in this hilarious story, as Princess Peepers changes the rules of cool around the castle!  Tuesday Mourning’s vibrant illustrations using mixed media add to the fun in this quirky read-aloud about fitting in.

My Travelin’ Eye

Author: Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw

Jenny Sue’s eyes are not the same as other people’s eyes. Her right eye looks in one direction, while her left eye sometimes wanders. Jenny Sue has a travelin’, lazy eye. Although it makes her different, it also helps her see the world in a special way.  Here is a charming story about one very inspiring little girl who overcomes her disability and offers inspiration to others.

Princesses wear Glasses

Author: Kristin Ellsworth

The empowering, fun story, Princesses Wear Glasses, is a tale about an active and adventurous young girl who gets to wear glasses. This heart-warming tale, written by Kristin Ellsworth and illustrated by Christina Turner, brings positive reinforcement to wearing glasses and makes kids feel special. Brown hair version also available.

Randy Kazandy, where are your glasses?

Author: Rhonda Fischer

Randy Kazandy, Where Are Your Glasses? was rated the best children’s book for the fall through SheKnows magazine. The book is helping kids all around the nation adjust to eyeglasses in a fun and clever way. Randy’s motto of loving himself is reflected into the minds of children as they read this musical rhyme over and over again. Randy doesn’t like glasses but his mom is a detective and keeps her keen eye on her rambunctious child. Mom is like a rocket who takes off into action as Randy tries to ditch his specs at every turn. Mom is loaded and ready to fire by bringing out a new pair of glasses, then another pair, then another. Will she win this war with Randy? This is a must have book for everyone. The illustrations are vibrant and beautifully drawn by Kim Sponaugle, fun filled and packed with surprises. This book is very unpredictable with hidden glasses throughout the story for the detective in your child to find.

Arlo Needs Glasses

Author: Barney Saltzberg

Every child who wears glasses will know just how Arlo feels, and will feel better because of it. And every parent will want that child to know that glasses are cool and fun and enable us to do the things we want to do. Take Arlo: He’s a shaggy, free-spirited dog who loves to play catch, until one day he can’t. He can’t see the ball anymore. He needs glasses!  In this inventive, interactive picture book created by Barney Saltzberg, the bespectacled author ofBeautiful Oops!, who charms young readers and their parents with a perfect light touch and joyful spirit, kids get to do just what Arlo does to solve his problem. They read an eye chart, look through a fold-out phoropter (that big machine optometrists use), and try on different pairs of glasses—movie star glasses! superhero glasses! mad scientist glasses! And they interact with Arlo as he rediscovers how to be the best ball-catcher in the neighborhood and picks up a new favorite pastime along the way—reading! One out of five school-age children needs glasses. Arlo will show them just how lucky they are.

Pearl and Wagner: Four Eyes

Author: Kate McMullan

There’s an eye toast toady, er, that’s eye test today at school, but Wagner can’t see the board. As his best friend Pearl says, “It’s glasses time!” But Wagner hates his new glasses-they make him look like a guppy, and a mean old bully calls him “Four Eyes.” Wagner vows to never wear his glasses again, until Pearl and all his friends give themselves inspired new nicknames just like his. Suddenly, “Four Eyes” has a nice ring to it . . . and being able to see isn’t so bad, either!  The delightful fourth book in the Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor-winning series shows how a best friend and a new perspective can change everything.

What Can Pinky See

Author: Lucy Cousins

What Can Pinky See? will soon have young children discovering what else they can see with their own eyes. Full-color illustrations.

Peppa Pig: Peppa’s First Glasses

Pedro Pony can’t see very well without his glasses. And Peppa Pig is sure she can’t see very well either. So Mummy Pig takes her to see Mr Pony, the optician, and Peppa has an eye test. But does she really need glasses? Find out in this new Peppa Pig storybook that is perfect for reading and sharing together.  Everyone’s favourite piggy is the perfect character to help pre-schoolers through tricky first experiences, such as getting their first pair of glasses.

Eyes in Disguise

Author: Justina Chen Heddley

Two fish feel out of place in the deep sea and so they begin a journey to find the right home. This book is written and illustrated by the award-winning Rod Clement who is the author/illustrator of “Edward the Emu” and “Counting on Frank”.


I Really Absolutely Must Have Glasses (Charlie and Lola)

Author: Lauren Child

Lola is going to the optician. She has decided that she absolutely MUST have glasses. Charlie says, ?You?ll only get glasses if you really, really need them.? But Lola says, ?I really DO need them, Charlie.?

I Need Glasses

I Need Glasses (Rookie Reader: Compound Words)

Author: Charlie Thomas

When a little girl can’t find her glasses, she searches frantically for them. When she does find them she uses them so she can read a story to her little brother.

All Children Have Different Eyes

All Children Have Different Eyes

Author: Edie A. Glaser , Maria Burgio

All Children Have Different Eyes is a beautifully illustrated storybook that models for children with visual impairment how to confidently and competently play and make friends while facing difficult social challenges, such as how to answer questions about their condition, enter play groups, and handle their limitations responsibly. Over 40 examples and activities transform the engaging stories into an interactive workbook for use by parents and teachers. Classmates will also learn to become better friends and playmates when they discover why children with visual impairment see and play in different ways. A glossary for kids and resources for adults complete this valuable resource in every child’s social development.


Glamorous Glasses

Author: Barbara Newman

Bobbie and Joanie are best friends and best cousins, and they do everything together. So when Joanie has to get glasses, Bobbie figures she’ll get them, too—especially once she discovers the fabulous frames on display at the eyeglasses store. Meanwhile, Joanie has the opposite reaction. Glasses make her feel different and look different. And they’re uncomfortable. So the ever-resourceful Bobbie comes up with a perfect plan to make both of them happy. Illustrations full of rich, comical details enhance this story about friendship and a classic childhood experience.

Dogs Don't Wear Glasses

Dogs Don’t Wear Glasses

Author: Adrienne Geoghegan

Nanny Needles and her dog are involved in a trail of unfortunate disasters in this full colour picture book, and Nanny blames it on the dog because she thinks he is getting short sighted in his old age.

Eye to Eye

Author: Graeme Base

Imagine you could soar high in the sky with an eagle or dive into the deep with a majestic blue whale.
Come eye to eye with some of nature’s most impressive creatures as Graeme Base takes you on a richly illustrated journey of imagination and possibility.