Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy is an individualised program that is designed to help improve conditions for learning-related vision disorders, such as amblyopia, strabismus, focussing, teaming, and tracking. At Eyecare Kids, we provide three different forms of therapy depending on the need of your child. We also understand that vision therapy is not just for kids, but for adults as well.

What is Vision Therapy?

Visual Skills Vision Therapy is to help both eyes function together as a team. These kids tend to have convergence/ accommodative insufficiencies. These issues can include difficulty with eye teaming, eye focusing, and eye tracking problems. Kids with those struggles could greatly benefit from this form of vision therapy.
Developmental Vision Therapy:  Did you know that learning difficulties can be vision-related? Does your child still reverse letters?  Do they struggle with sight words or spelling words?  Is reading a chore and not fun?  Have you tried tutoring or extra lessons and it’s still not helping? Developmental Vision Therapy might be the missing link.
Strabismus/Amblyopia Therapy: Children with an eye turn (strabismus) or a lazy eye (amblyopia) have difficulty using the eyes together as a team. They struggle with depth perception and other visual skills symptoms. Vision Therapy can help them learn how to maximise their visual potential and make them see better!
Vision Therapy for Adults: Although a majority of vision therapy seems to be focussed on children, it was a 48 year old woman named Susan Barry whose life was transformed through vision therapy. She showed that it’s never too late for vision therapy to help you improve your eyes and your life. Vision therapy has also helped post-brain injury patients as well.