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The Little Guide to Night Lenses (Ortho-K)

A little book that’s BIG on information! All you need to know about Night Lenses (Ortho-k) prepared by our optometrists in easy-to-read format!



This guide is for you if...

  • your child has myopia that keeps getting worse year after year
  • you have an active child who loves to swim or engage in active sport
  • spectacles or contact lenses limit your child from doing activities they love to do
  • you're apprehensive about laser corrective surgery or your child is not a suitable candidate for it

Our optometrists are very passionate about myopia control and are happy to recommend Ortho-K. Here's what they have to say:

“Surprisingly, despite Ortho-K having been available for decades as a way to correct your vision during the day, it is still not very well known! It still surprises me how well a person or child can see during the day without spectacles, contact lenses just by sleeping with a small piece of plastic at night on the eye. This gentle, safe and completely reversible procedure is one that my patients have loved over the years!

Dr SooJin Nam


Accredited Ortho-K Provider

“Ortho-K is proven to be effective in slowing down the progression of myopia in children.There are several cases where I’ve seen prescriptions remaining the same and not getting worse over time. It makes me glad to hear very happy patients saying how they can be active in sports without spectacles slipping down their noses or how they enjoy the beach without a fear of dropping a contact lens into the water!”

Dr Ali Khalife


Accredited Ortho-K Provider

“I have seen Ortho-K change the lives of patients I have looked after. The ability to not require spectacles or contact lenses has improved their quality of life as well as their confidence. They find it much easier to handle and love being able to see well without the need for any visual correction during the day. Truly amazing what you can do with optics.”


Accredited Ortho-K Provider

Dr Alexander Du

All you need to know about Night Lenses (Ortho-K) is in this handy guide!

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