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Viral conjunctivitis

Viral conjunctivitis occurs more frequently in people who have just suffered from a cold, who have a weakened immune system from a previous virus, or who have come in contact with another person with viral conjunctivitis. Some of the typical symptoms of this form of conjunctivitis include itchy watery eyes. Viral conjunctivitis causes a distinct redness in the eyes and follicles under the eyelids that your local Eyecare Kids optometrist can check for. It is very contagious, and often infects both eyes.

Bacterial Conjunctivitis

This form of conjunctivitis is differentiated from allergies or viral conjunctivitis by the pus discharge that develops with its occurrence. Often upon waking people will notice thick, purulent whitish discharge around the lids and lashes. The itchiness felt in this form of conjunctivitis is also different from the aforementioned forms of conjunctivitis, as there is not so much a diffuse itchiness, rather a more localised itch. Many who experience it describe the feeling as a foreign body sensation in the eye.

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