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Eyecare Kids values the importance of vision and takes the time to conduct thorough eye and vision examinations for both children and adults.

Dr Soojin Nam doing eye test at Eyecare Kids HillsdaleOur highly trained optometrists use state-of-the-art equipment and have expertise in various areas such as, but not limited to, children’s vision, myopia management, diabetes and glaucoma care, and sports vision.

We strive to bill Medicare whenever possible, but some tests may not be covered, and basic fees may not cover the cost of certain vision tests.

In such cases, our optometrists may recommend extra services, which could involve a gap fee. However, our priority is to conduct the necessary tests and provide the best care without rushing, as your eyes and vision are too important to compromise.

Routine eye tests typically include a basic check of vision, prescription, and eye health. At Eyecare Kids, we go beyond routine tests with our CheckUp Kids, which includes additional visual skills testing to assess eye coordination, tracking, and focusing. Identifying difficulties in these visual skills is crucial as they can impact concentration, cause visual discomfort, and contribute to learning difficulties.

The CheckUp Kids tests are an investment in your child’s future, ensuring they can reach their full visual and learning potential. The gap fee for CheckUp Kids after Medicare is $60 for new patients and $40 for returning patients. We believe that every child deserves the best possible vision care and are committed to providing comprehensive and quality services.

Our CheckUp Kids consultation process typically lasts over half an hour and includes several essential tests.

Our Fees
Our Fees

Please note, in addition to the Medicare charge, there will be a fee from $60 for new patients and $40 for previous patients, which includes additional visual skills test, the development eye movement test, central retinal imaging and/or topography maps. Age appropiate paediatric tests will be considered by the optometrist.

*Excludes Wide-field OPTOS imaging, OCT, Biometry and extended behavioural optometry assessments.
*Ortho-K fees are inclusive for all retinal and corneal imaging tests for 18 months.

What happens during your child’s comprehensive eye test?

1. When you arrive, our lovely staff will take your child’s personal details, Medicare details and details about their last prescription.

2. Our optometrists will perform a detailed history about your child and their eyes. This includes what vision or eye problems they may have, asking information about lifestyle (eg. screen time, time outdoors, book reading time), educational history and gaining an understanding about your child’s development. 

3. We will check for any vision problems including any refractive error (eg. short sighted, long sighted or astigmatism).

4. We will check the health of your child’s eyes to rule out eye issues such as ocular allergies, dry eyes and other more serious retinal conditions.

5. We will perform a detailed assessment of visual skills (binocular vision) to check their eye coordination, eye focussing and eye tracking, as these skills are important for clear and comfortable vision in the classroom. 

6. Our final prescription takes into account your child’s history and all the test findings to ensure what is prescribed is optimized to their individual needs.

7. Our friendly dispensing staff will then assist to choose the correct fitting frame and lens type to match what was prescribed for your child. 

8. We are able to provide followup care and adjustments of your glasses and assist with any concerns following collection. We also have warranties for frames and lenses (please ask in practice).

In addition to our CheckUp Kids testing, we offer a range of specialty eyecare services for children including:

We also carry a wide range of frames, sunglasses and contact lenses for kids and the whole family.

If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to speak to your optometrist or our friendly staff. Your vision and eye health are of utmost importance to us, and we aim to provide the best care possible for you and your child.

Book a comprehensive eye test for your child today.

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Book a comprehensive eye test for your child today.

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