6 Reasons Why Eyecare Kids Supports Our Children’s Vision

Twelve hundred years after spectacles were invented, there are still children in the world suffering from severe vision loss—simply because they have no access to a pair of spectacles.

Imagine this: once they develop even a common eye condition such as myopia (shortsightedness), life will no longer be the same.

Why We Support Our Children’s Vision Campaign:

#1. We love kids.

We are passionate about children’s vision. Good vision allows children to experience all the joys of childhood—identify colours, count objects, see shapes, play outdoors, recognise loved ones’ faces. Dr Soojin Nam, our principal optometrist and a mother of two kids, states, “As a behavioural optometrist, I am fortunate to be in a position that allows me to help children with real vision problems. Every optometrist knows the importance of good vision and the impact it has on children.” It is our desire that all kids have access to eyecare and spectacles in order for them to achieve their best.

#2. We believe in the right to education.

Vision problems among school-age kids are common. The best time for learning is while young, when children are naturally curious and motivated to learn about the hows and whys of the world. Children’s love for learning is best established when they experience their firsts through eyes that see clearly. When children with blurred vision cannot even play or move around safely—how can they achieve their full learning potential?

#3. Because not every child has a parent who takes them for an eye test.

When we see our little patient walk away from the practice with their parent, all smiles because they can see clearly and love their new spectacles, we remember the countless children who has never had an eye exam. It could be poverty. It could be there’s no optometrist or an eyecare facility near them. It could be they are orphans. For whatever reason these children are deprived of good vision, we know there are channels to do something about it, so we use them.

#4. To spread love and awareness.

Sometimes, vital things like the air we breathe, clean water or a roof over our heads are freely available that we take them for granted. Most of us have access to basic health and eyecare. We have healthfunds to cover for medical needs. However, many socially disadvantaged people in the world suffer from health conditions that could have easily been treated or managed—if only they have the means. When we talk about this global crisis, we spread awareness, and ripples of awareness will spread love in the process. Then many who have the capacity and willingness to help will be directed to the proper channels so help can begin to flow.

#5. To inspire others to give.

When people see generosity’s effect on a receiver, many are moved and compelled to take similar action. It’s no surprise too. In the article The Science of Good Deeds, a few small studies point to lowered stress levels and improved immunity when one is feeling empathy and love, also known as “the helper’s high”. A recent study has also identified the “bonding” hormone oxytocin in people who are very generous towards others. This is the same hormone released when one receives a hug.

#6. Their vision is also ours.

Our Children’s Vision Campaign’s vision is simple: vision for every child…everywhere. When our little patients come to us and we see how their quality of life improve tremendously because of what we do, we desire it for every child with a vision problem. Dr Nam states, “Our Children’s Vision needs our support in getting eyecare solutions to children everywhere, and this program just makes it so easy to do that. Our practices are proud to be involved and have been having fun with our patients, getting them involved by collecting donations in exchange for chocolate! Our children are our future, so I see nothing more important than giving them the best chance in life.”

Ways to Donate in Practice
Two ways to support Our Children’s Vision Campaign!  1. Our optical dispensers can give your spectacles a professional clean and adjustment (valued at $15) for only a $5 donation! OR  2. Make a Gold Coin donation for a yummy chocolate treat!  Your support will go to Our Children’s Vision  Campaign.

How a Pair of Glasses Can Change Everything

eyes with myopia
Looking through eyes with myopia, a type of refractive error where light focuses in front of, instead of on, the retina. This causes distant objects to be blurry, while close objects appear normal. A pair of prescription spectacles can remedy this.

A simple pair of spectacles can open a new world of possibilities to the child with blurred vision. For the first time, with clear vision, they can play safely, learn better and achieve great things. Eyecare Kids believes that a child’s quality of life should not be compromised simply because they cannot access eyecare. Even if we can’t physically be there for these kids—we can help meet their eyecare and eyewear needs through this campaign.

Breaking Down Barriers to Provide Global Eyecare

Our Children’s Vision believes no organisation can do this alone. The goal we want to achieve is so large scale that it needs a coalition of players to make it happen. Through partnerships with big and small organisations who are achieving incredible things for child health, Our Children’s Vision has helped children with vision problems and allowed them to contribute in their communities and reach their full potential.

Be a part of this movement. Join us in this global fight for our children’s sight!

Our Children's Vision Campaign
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