8 Tips to Keep Kids Safe This Halloween

Halloween is one of the happiest moments in a child’s life…and maybe for most parents too!

Mums and Dads go on a creative frenzy thinking of kids’ costume ideas that weren’t already used in the past years. Then in the evening they join the kids to check all the candy collected and help themselves from the “family loot”.

After all, too much of a good thing is bad, so parents should come to the rescue. 😉

candy for dinner

In the busyness and excitement of Halloween, make sure to keep your kids safe by following these tips:

1. Allow your child a good night’s rest the day before. This might be challenging because of all the excitement, but tell your child that if they rest up, they’ll have more energy and can visit more places to collect more candy!

mouse sleeping in bed


2. Masks may obstruct your child’s vision. For their faces, consider using hypoallergenic, non-toxic face paint or makeup. There are heaps of options to achieve a desired look without obstructing your child’s view. Use you imagination and if you’re out of ideas, the Internet is your friend ;).

child wearing Halloween costume and make-up

3. The best costumes fit perfect! Trick or treating will involve walking, so comfortable outfit is very important. Check if your child’s costume is too heavy for them or if it causes them to balance poorly. Cinderella recommends using fairy godmother magic!

white cloth costume

4. Dress your child for the weather. Superman and skeletons don’t freeze but we might! Add layers if needed. If it’s too hot, choose costumes that are light and airy.

dogs in costume

5. Road safety first! Remember to always make eye contact with drivers before crossing the road. It’s best to go slow so the drivers can see you! Use crossings when you can and avoid running between parked cars.

road safety

6. As an extra safety precaution, teach your child not to eat anything until they get home. Tell them it will be fun to gather all the treats to see how much they collected for the day!

raining candies

7. Kids under 10, when trick or treating, should have an adult accompanying close by. For older kids, make sure your they are in a group of at least 3 people.

trick or treat

8. Before going to bed, remove makeup. The kids may be tired and want to rest, but don’t skip this part to prevent skin and eye irritation.

remove make-up

Have a spooktacular Halloween.