Don’t Believe Everything You Hear: Unraveling Myths about Night Lenses (Ortho-K)

At Eyecare Kids, we’re setting the record straight on some myths about Night Lenses

Night Lenses are contact lenses worn while you sleep, they gently reshape the shape of your eye to correct your vision. Remove them in the morning for clear vision without daytime glasses and contact lenses.  What sets it apart? Studies have shown night lenses to be effective in slowing down myopia progression. 

Buckle up as we bust some myths about Night Lenses!

Myth #1: Night Lenses Isn’t Safe

Many eyecare professionals agree that the benefits of night lenses outweigh the risks and continue to recommend them as a safe option for myopia control in kids.

Like all contact-lens, wearing night lenses can increase the risk of an eye infection. The risk has been found to be 1 in 1000 to 2000 per year which is the same rate as reusable soft contact lenses. This risk is reduced when the lenses are fitted by an experienced practitioner and cleaning/hygiene procedures are followed. 

Myth #2: Night Lenses are only for those with mild myopia (shortsighted) 

Although there is a greater chance of success with correcting those with myopia up to -4.50D, night lenses can correct a wide range of prescriptions, myopic (short-sighted), hyperopic (long-sighted) and astigmatism. 

Myth #3: Night Lenses Is a Permanent Change 

The change night lenses makes on the eye is temporary, if you stop wearing the lenses your eyes will simply return to their natural shape over a period of a few weeks. In children this allows us to make changes to the lenses as their eyes grow and change over time and an alternative option to laser surgery which is permanent. 

Myth #4: My child is too young to wear Night Lenses

We understand every child is different, but we have fit night lenses on children as young as 6 years old. There have also been a number of research studies who test night lenses on children starting from 6 years. Because night lenses are worn while sleeping, parents can easily supervise and assist the child with insertion, removal and cleaning regimen at home.

Myth #5: Night Lenses are uncomfortable

Most patients can feel the lens in the eye the first few times they wear the lenses, like the feeling of an eyelash in the eye. This usually goes away when you close your eyes, as the feeling of the lens comes from your eyelid interacting with the lenses when blinking. Remember these lenses are worn while sleeping! After the initial adaptation period, there should be a significant improvement with comfort even with the eyes open.