Fun Kids Books About Glasses & Eye Patches


We have compiled a list for you of some popular children’s books you can enjoy reading to your child about vision and glasses. Wearing glasses for the first time as a child can be a life changing event, so reading stories about similar vision conditions and glasses can give the child a sense of connection to the characters and enjoyment. Also, if you have an older child, don’t forget to point out that Harry Potter wears glasses!

Little Kim’s Left & Right Book

Author Charles McMonnies

The Turtle Who Needed Glasses

Author: Ben Patt

The Patch

Author: Justina Chen Heddley

My Travelin’ Eye

Author: Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw

Arlo Needs Glasses

Author: Barney Saltzberg

Princess Peepers

Author: Pam Galvert

Pearl and Wagner: Four Eyes

Author: Kate McMullan

Princesses wear Glasses

Author: Kristin Ellsworth

I Wish I Had Glasses Like Rosa

Author: Kathryn Heling and Debroh Hembrook

What Can Pinky See

Author: Lucy Cousins

Randy Kazandy, where are your glasses?

Author: Rhonda Fischer

Fancy Nancy: Spectacular Spectacles

Author: Jane O’Connor