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Jasmine is one of our optical dispensers at Chullora. She graduated in optometry in Korea. During her 4th year, she came to Australia for an international internship. Since then, she had wanted to come back to Australia anyhow.

She worked in the marketing department in one of the Korean lens companies for 2 years after graduation in order to get to know better about lenses. After that, she returned to Australia and has been working at Eyecare Plus Chullora for 5 years.

With her optometry background and lens knowledge, Jasmine likes to solve all optical and dispensing issues whenever patients come back with any problems. She feels satisfied when she sees them happy with her help.

Outsider observation: Jasmine is quite the fashionista and makes even the simplest outfits look great! Her effortless sense of style is an inborn talent which helps her to select the best frames for our patients both in functionality and aesthetics.


Eyecare Plus Chullora


In addition to English, Jasmine speaks Korean.


Fun-fact: Jasmine used to be a junior swimmer! During this lockdown, Jasmine has been exercising by going for 10km walks along the Parramatta river every morning. She also enjoys cooking.

Book a comprehensive eye test for your child today.

Book a comprehensive eye test for your child today.