MiyoSmart, the Lens Designed to Slow Down Myopia in Children

Parents rejoice! The award-winning lenses developed to slow down short-sightedness in kids and teens are here in Sydney.

HOYA, with their cutting-edge optics technologies, has partnered with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and developed a lens that’s proven to curb myopia progression by up to 59% and halt myopia progression by 21.5%.

A MiyoSmart lens showing myopic defocus zones

This lens breakthrough in myopia management uses an award-winning DIMS (Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments) technology, which means the lens has a central optical zone for correcting refractive error and a surrounding area of multiple segments of constant myopic defocus which extend to the mid-periphery of the lens.

What makes DIMS so great?

This allows the eye to still experience a constant amount of “myopic defocus” as the eye moves around different regions of the spectacle lens. Myopic defocus has been shown to inhibit eye growth (axial elongation), which in turn slows down myopic progression.

Myopia is on the rise, with the Brien Holden Vision Institute predicting that by 2050, half the world will be short-sighted. This is not only alarming but a real cause of concern for everyone.

A smiling female Asian child, wearing MiyoSmart lenses, waving in the passenger seat of a carThe rising prevalence of myopia has significant health and economic implications. Managing myopia needs a coordinated effort in determining solutions to control myopia’s onset and progression.

The MiyoSmart lens is a really smart way to address myopia. It’s safe for active kids with its impact-resistant polycarbonate material that’s light and thin. It also includes 100% UV protection.

Previously just available in Hongkong and in some parts of China, MiyoSmart is now available in broader parts of the world including here in Sydney! This is excellent news! Maybe someone should tell Thomas about this breakthrough technology so that he can start wearing glasses again.