How Optometrists Can Help With Sports Vision


Sports Vision

Some sports men and women take their vision for granted and may believe that vision has little or no effect on their performance.

Individual sports performance relies on effective vision. Inaccurate distance judgment, blurry vision and poor tracking eye movements can prevent athletes reaching their full potential. Depth perception, visualisation, peripheral awareness, visual reaction time and eye/hand co-ordination are visual skills which also can affect performance.

Optometric sports vision care involves the examination of all visual functions which influence a competitor’s ability to perform at the highest level. A vital aspect of that care is advising patients on the most suitable type of spectacles or contact lenses for their sport.

Helping You With Vision Problems

When you have your optometric examination you should advise your optometrist of your hobbies and sports. Special types of vision correction often can give you much greater skill and enjoyment.

Contact lenses have an obvious advantage in contact sports where the use of spectacles is difficult. There are several advantages in wearing contact lenses in sports generally: protection of the eye, better and more natural peripheral vision, the lens follows the direction of gaze, contact lenses do not fog, and contact lenses give better eye teaming in all directions of gaze.

We will advise you about the suitability of contact lenses for your particular needs.

Special Needs

Different sports have different visual requirements and a person’s own visual needs differ as well. Particular optical appliances may be useful for certain sports. For example, special tinted glasses are available for target shooters and correction for short- or long-sightedness can be included in scuba diving masks.

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