Can kids enjoy the freedom of clear vision without spectacles, daytime contact lenses or surgery? Yes with Ortho-K!

Ortho-K (or Orthokeratology) is a simple yet breakthrough concept that’s effective for myopia control. It’s nonsurgical and reversible. Even kids as young as 8 years old can use it.

Here’s how it works: Your child wears specially designed rigid gas-permeable contact lenses that gently reshapes the contour of their cornea (front surface of the eye) while they sleep. In the morning, your child takes off the lenses and experiences clear vision that lasts the whole day.

They can read, do crafts and hobbies, watch a movie, play in the park, engage in sport, swim, and do all the things they love to do without the need for spectacles or daytime contact lenses!

Ortho-K is one of the most effective treatment methods of myopia control in children, especially since laser corrective surgery isn’t an option for kids. Read why optometrists recommend Ortho-K.

Why Should Parents Be Concerned?

Myopia (or short-sightedness) has become a fast-rising global epidemic. According to the World Health Organisation, 30% of the world’s population is currently myopic and is projected to increase to 50% (half the world’s population!) by 2050. Uncontrolled myopia increases your child’s risk for sight-threatening diseases.

Single-vision lenses are usually the go-to solution when it comes to refractive errors such as myopia. However, while single-vision lenses may help your child to see clearly, they do nothing to prevent your child’s myopia from getting worse.

If your child’s myopia is steadily progressing, this could become high myopia (requiring -6.0 dioptres or more of lens correction). High myopia increases their risk of acquiring sight-threatening diseases such as retinal detachment, cataracts and glaucoma later on in life.

Kids who love to do contact sport and water sport may lose interest because having to wear spectacles or daytime contact lenses hinder them or take away from the experience. When kids are limited by poor vision, it’s difficult for them to achieve their full potential on many things.

How Can We Help?

We’ll Find the Best Treatment Option

Our optometrists are very passionate about myopia control and will do everything we can to slow down or stop your child’s myopia progression. We’ll do a suitability assessment for Ortho-K before determining the best treatment option for your child’s myopia.

Accredited Ortho-K Practitioners

Ortho-K lens fitting requires skill and experience. Our optometrist who is also an orthokeratologist (accredited Ortho-K practitioner) will get the exact curvature and shape of your child’s cornea and have lenses specially designed for them. Follow-up visits may be required to ensure that your child’s lenses are the perfect fit.

Our All-Out Guidance and Support

We’ll guide your child on how to use their Ortho-K lenses: insertion and removal as well as how to clean and maintain the lenses all on their own. If you or your child have any questions or concerns, call us or drop by at the practice. We’ll be there to assist in any way.

Experience + Continuing Education

Our optometrists love learning about new developments in myopia control and Ortho-K. We keep up-to-date on the latest news, insights and technologies by attending annual conferences such as the Orthokeratology Society of Oceania (OSO).

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