This Video about Children’s Vision Went Viral. Here’s Why.

We made a video about something very concerning. It went viral on Facebook and we’re not surprised.

It’s about a looming issue that needs to be addressed—and the sooner it is detected, the better for our schoolchildren. Watch this:

One in 5 schoolchildren are living with an undetected vision problem.

Vision problems such as poor eye focusing, teaming and tracking make vision uncomfortable.

This may be the reason a child dislikes to read or takes too long to finish their homework—because they need to work extra hard compared to their classmates.

A child who doesn’t like to study doesn’t always mean they are lazy or want to play instead. Misbehaving might mean they are frustrated…

frustrated because they are trying their best to learn and do well in school, but their best isn’t good enough because their eyes don’t cooperate!

Eyecare Kids optometrist Dr SooJin Nam explains, “Children are curious little things who love to learn, explore and generally get delight in new discoveries. When they avoid reading or learning, it may be due to a difficulty that relates back to a vision problem.”

A child with “20/20 vision” may still have a hidden vision problem which can escape a standard school vision screen. We need the public to be aware.

Thankfully, our video has been shared and viewed thousands of times. We hope this number will increase…

so that more and more parents and teachers will be aware that hidden vision problems are very real and that our schoolchildren are needlessly suffering without intervention.

Our goal is to raise enough awareness to be able to catch these hidden vision problems in children before they cause significant learning problems down the road.