Unveiling the Benefits of the Brock String to Enhance Vision

In the world of optometry, there’s a humble yet powerful tool that many are not aware of—the Brock string. So, what’s this mysterious string? Well, it’s not your ordinary piece of twine. Brock string is often used in vision therapy to improve binocular vision. Think of it  like a piece of gym equipment, but for the eye!

What is binocular vision?

It’s a term to describe how two eyes work together as a team to create a clear single picture and allows us to see depth. 

What is a Brock string? 

Picture this: it’s a piece string—usually about three metres long—with a series of coloured beads. It’s simple but it’s more than that! When used correctly under the guidance of an experienced optometrist, this string becomes a useful tool for training the eyes to work together more accurately and efficiently. 

Who can benefit from the Brock string? 

Brock string is helpful for those who have binocular vision disorders, especially for those who have difficulties with their eye focusing (accommodation) and eye teaming (convergence). It can also be useful in later stages of vision therapy with those that have amblyopia and strabismus. 

How does it work? 

One end of the string is held up to the patient’s nose, whilst the other is held by a helper or tied to a door knob. The beads can be placed at different points on the string which the patient needs to look at. Different exercises of increasing difficulty can be done depending on where the beads are placed. The bead and string also give visual feedback to the patient on whether they are doing the activity correctly, helping the patient understand how to coordinate the two eyes better. 

Want to find out more?

At Eyecare Kids, our optometrists are able to carry out a detailed assessment of your binocular vision and prescribe lenses, prisms and vision therapy where appropriate. Book an appointment to find out more. 

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