NSW Parents Can Claim $100 Rebate per Child. Here’s How.

Wonderful news for all NSW parents!

Starting 1 January 2019 you can have access to $100 voucher for every school-enrolled child. Use your voucher towards registration, participation and membership costs for their sport, fitness and active recreation activities.

This program by the NSW Government Office of Sport encourages parents to let their kids explore different extracurricular activities like sport and art which help promote stronger families and healthier communities.

This program called Active Kids runs through 2021, which means parents can make use of this benefit every year for 3 years.

Letting your child engage in recreation activities pulls them away from gadgets and may teach them new skills and help build stronger muscles and bones through physical exercise.

Good for Your Savings—Good for Their Eyes

As eyecare professionals, we’re very pleased with this initiative since we’re advocating the importance of kids spending time outdoors. Clinical trials show that spending time outdoors appears to be effective in preventing the onset of myopia (short-sightedness) in kids as well as slowing down its progression.

The Internet age has our kids playing games in their iPads and even using their digital devices for educational purposes. Recreation activities will help them take a break from their gadgets—you might even discover hidden skills and talents your child already possesses.

How to Claim Your Rebate:

1. Create your $100 Active Kids voucher here.

2. Redeem your voucher by giving it to an approved Active Kids Provider.

3. For your other questions, refer to this FAQ site.